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Founder - Vaughn Chung
Chung Music Academy

I have been playing the guitar for over 11 years of my life, and have been involved in music for as long as I could remember. My history includes learning from famous Houstonian guitarist Nick Rawson, playing live with multiple bands, managing my own musical project, and teaching dozens of students for the past few years.

Our mission is to help inspire and help bring out the artist that is dormant in each person. The philosophical approach that we champion is to not only provide the tools necessary to create complete musicians, but to connect and ignite the passion within

Why choose CMA?

We represent quality music education designed to fit your needs and achieve your goals. Our diverse portfolio suits any aspiring beginner, music undergrad, or professional gigging artist. Contact us now- we're excited to help!

Vaughn Chung has been featured as the number one guitarist on the Thumbtack platform for three years in a row. Hundreds of students, thousands of hours worth of experience, and a fresh perspective in the industry.

Chung Music Academy features carefully handpicked professionals that deliver consistent, high quality instruction who remain true to our company's philosophy and vision.


At Chung Music Academy, we offer a variety of music services such as lessons for complete beginners, as well as advanced sessions for experienced musicians.

Regardless of what you may need, CMA has a wide range of options to uniquely suit your needs.

Beginner Lessons

We start from square one and guide you into the world of music, one step at a time.

Advanced Lessons

For our more seasoned players, we will individually gear the curriculum to assist you in accomplishing short and long term goals.

Music Theory

From music majors to casual hobbyists, comprehensive music theory is offered to take your education to the next level.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated musicians that makes CMA the ideal place for lessons of any skill level


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